Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Request for Uravan Memories and Personal Histories

Please submit your memories and personal histories here. We are compling these memories to share with all former residents and workers from the Uravan area. This will be used to generate a Uravan Memory book to be permanently displayed in the future Museum to be operated by the Rimrocker Hisorical Society in Uravan, Colorado.

Information we are interested in....

When were you at Uravan?

Where did you live? Who were your neighbors?

What did you do at Uravan and when?

Who were the people that you interacted with and what did they do?

Did you or your childeren go to school in Uravan? Who were the teachers at the school?

Who were your doctors or nurses?

Basically who were the people in Uravan when you were there and what was the timeframe.

Thank you very much for taking the time to contribute to this historic endeavor.

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hglad said...

My Father was Richard J Gladman MD,and my mother was Lucille. Dad, after compleeting his tour in the Army, started his first medical practice in Uravan. I beleive this was late 1947 or 1948. Our family consited of my younger brother Grant age 4, my baby sister Dixie, myself Howard, age 8, and my constant compainion Micky a black labrador retreiver.

Dad used to brag that he was the only Doctor within a 100 miles and that was by dirt road. He was assisted by a nurse, Mrs. Laudermilk,I beleive,and there were occasions when mom and I were even called in to help. There were lots of accidents. I recall one evening helping dad pick shot gun pellets out of a wound to a fellow's head.

Dad was proud of the time he spent in Uravan and often bosted how he would often get paid by somebody dropping of venison or elk stakes.
He enjoyed his time as a country doctor, and often reveled in telling the stories of his Uravan experience.

Doc Gladman died in Oakland California at 2007the age of 92 in April of